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What we do...

Quite simply we offer a full sales, marketing and distribution service for Vegan and Vegetarian products. We bring unrivalled personality and flair to brands and inject lots of passion, commitment and dedication along the way. With over 50 years joint expertise in the senior management team at Bravura, you can guarantee we know the market inside and out. We know who to talk to in order to get your products to market.


We know how to make your brand look the best it can. We know how to maximise sales. We know how to make noise in the market. Above all, we know how to look after your brand, ensuring it has the best possible and most ethically suitable partner in the UK. 

We offer a full spectrum of services which includes the following...

  • Full Account management

  • Prospecting account by account, sector by sector for new listings

  • Sales order processing

  • Finance and invoicing

  • Demand management and forecasting

  • Warehousing and logistics

  • Promotional planning

  • New Product Development advice

  • Sales and performance reporting back to manufacturer

  • Sales and marketing strategic planning

  • Market intelligence/trends

  • Distribution growth planning – with existing customers (store extensions or line extensions) and new customers (new listings)

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